What I have to offer

I am a versatile, creative marketing and communications professional with considerable experience gained in the private, public and charity sectors in Paris, London and South Wales. I have excellent organisational skills and am adept at managing projects from conception through to final evaluation. I have a strong design sense across a range of media, including websites, promotional materials, corporate branding and publications.

If you could use some no-nonsense, practical help with marketing your organisation, product or service get in touch.

Anyone! Particularly if you have a small business with no full time marketing function and just require assistance from time to time. A freelance marketing professional fits the bill. I can provide general advice on marketing your business, product or service; produce detailed strategies; help you design and print brochures, or guide you through how social media can work for you. We can work together at whatever level of service you require. I will come and meet you to discuss your needs and give you an idea of what I could do to help. Contact me today for a no-obligation initial consultation on 07866 685828 or caroline@reesmarketing.co.uk

Initial consultation

  • To get an understanding of your business
  • To establish your target market
  • To establish your main competitors as you see them
  • To find out what you currently do to market your products and services
  • To understand what you wish to achieve with your business
  • To establish a budget
  • To set timescales


Based in the above, I can produce a written proposal of the marketing services I will provide to help you achieve your goals.

Full marketing plan

  • To create a marketing plan for your business for a period of up to one year, which will include a full analysis of target market, a communications strategy and details of how to implement the plan

Communications strategy

  • Less comprehensive than a full marketing plan, this will detail how best to promote your business/product/service to your target market.


  • Creation of a ‘look’ or brand for the business/product/service
  • Establishing guidelines as to how this brand works throughout a communications strategy
  • Delivering printed materials using that branding Creation of promotional literature
  • Establishing the requirement for promotional literature
  • Writing a detailed spec for requirements
  • Sourcing illustrations or photographs
  • Obtaining quotes from designers and printers
  • Managing the design and print of materials
  • Ensuring consistency of branding throughout
  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines

Social Media

  • Advice on how to integrate social media into your marketing strategy
  • Support for setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts

Electronic mail services

  • Advice on setting up electronic mail systems
  • Designing templates
  • How to write good emails
  • Evaluating what works

Direct mail

  • Sourcing lists
  • Composing letters and/or promotions
  • Managing the mailing
  • Evaluation of responses

Media advertising

  • Sourcing the appropriate media in which to advertise
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
    • Radio
    • TV/Video
    • online
  • Creating an advert
  • Negotiating rates and deciding timescales

Website creation

  • Advice on how to set up a website
  • What to include
  • How it should look and work
  • Managing the process on your behalf

Event management

  • Small or large events
  • Venue sourcing and management
  • Joining instructions for participants
  • Programme co-ordination
  • Special event booking eg grand openings, party, gala dinner, trips etc
  • Post-event evaluation

Promotional ideas

  • Sourcing company gifts and giveaways appropriate to the business
  • Creating promotional offers to attract or retain clients

Customer newsletters

  • Developing appropriate formats for communications with prospects or customers
  • Writing copy
  • Designing formats
  • Managing distribution

Managing suppliers on your behalf

  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Printers
  • Web creation companies

Get in touch

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